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Buy, franchise, or start a sandwich shop from scratch?
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Extract taken from 'Starting Your Own Sandwich Shop' - Andrew Johnson


A few points to consider

Its one thing deciding that you want to go into the sandwich business, its quite another deciding on the best way to do it. Its not something that can be decided on the spur of the moment, a lot of research will be needed. Essentially though, for all practical purposes, there three avenues open to you.


  • Purchase an existing business and take it on as a ‘Going Concern’
  • Buy a Franchise
  • Start your own business from scratch


This book focuses on starting your own business, rather than buying a franchise or taking over a going concern. Its how I entered the sandwich trade, and hopefully I can steer you in the right direction and help you to avoid some of the mistakes that I made.


I am also aware that starting a business from scratch is not for everyone, and so a few words on the other options open to you would be in order. You will have to decide on the best course of action that would suit you. Personally I believe that starting your own sandwich shop offers the most benefits, which I will outline.